Universities applications

Our state-of-the-art EMC Test Equipment are used in many Laboratories in the Benelux and have proven to be solid, trustworthy and valuable equipment.

EMC test equipment and RF-components for universities applications

The constant development and innovation from EMC Partner has made them world leading for EMC Test Equipment. Visit our reference page and contact should you need further assistance.

Another valuable product for Laboratories is our All in one RF Test System developed by Elite RF. This RF test bench in one enclosure which contains a Tracking Generator, Dual Signal Generator, Power Amplifier, Channel Scope and RF Power Meter. This multi-purpose RF Test system fulfils the need for a cost-effective and compact alternative and makes it ideal for universities.

Also Rimarck's RF Equipment line from Ceyear is a recently added product line. Ceyear is a new brand name on the market but with over 50 years of experience in the development of RF Measurement equipment. Ceyear stands for high quality products and competitive pricing.

Our products

Products for universities applications

EMC Test Equipment

EMC Test equipment

State-of-the-art EMC Test Equipment, proven to be solid,  reliable and valuable equipment. Newly added is the CDN-line up to 200A per phase.

RF Test System

RF Test System

RF test bench in one box which contains a Spectrum Analyzer, Tracking Generator, Dual Signal Generator, Power Amplifier, Channel Scope and RF Power Meter. 

RF equipment

RF Equipment

Recently added our RF Measurement product line; signal generators, signal / spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, noise figure analyzers, etc.

RF 60GHz system

60 GHz systems 

60 GHz wireless development system makes it easy to design new products and applications in the emerging unlicensed millimeter wave ISM V band.

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