60 GHZ Systems and modules

Extreme high speed - High bandwidth data transmission 

This 60 GHz system is created in a partnership between Pasternack and Vubiq, an industry expert in designing 60 GHz RF systems. This 60 GHz wireless communications development system facilitates an accelerated design of new high bandwidth products and solutions.

Pasternack’s 60 GHz wireless development systems make it easy to design new products and applications in the emerging unlicensed millimeter wave ISM V band.

A standard WR-15 V-band waveguide antenna interface is incorporated into this millimeter wave system and has a 1.8 GHz modulation bandwidth.

60 GHz Wireless Communications Applications Include:

High speed point to point wireless communication links allow for low cost, gigabit wireless throughput for a number of different applications. 60 GHz wireless point to point solutions include telecommunications “last kilometer” distribution, telecommunications cellular backhaul, millimeter wave wireless gigabit ethernet data communications, building-to-building high speed networks and mesh-based LAN infrastructures.

60 GHz high bandwidth wireless video transport of large uncompressed files. High speed wireless video and audio solutions from MP3 to HDTV and beyond. Large bandwidth wireless 60 GHz mm wave eliminates the need for uncompressed HD video compression software and cabling hardware.

60 ghz sysytems and modules

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