Offshore & marine applications

Supplies components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity in the harsh environmental conditions experienced by the offshore / marine industry.

Offshore & Marine

The products features exceptional performance, quality and durability. They ensure the reliable transmission of energy, signals and data even in demanding outdoor conditions.

The Offshore & Marine industry require components and system solutions that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions. These products need to have exceptional performance, quality and durability and ensure the reliable transmission of energy, signals and data.

We offer several solutions for the Offshore & Marine industry for RF Components, Connectors and Capacitors.

Jaeger Connecteurs is specialized in the design, manufacturing and trade of industrial cylindrical connectors and interconnection systems (distributors, moulded cards and cable connectors). Jaeger has an international reputation of high quality products and innovations and has a special Marine and Hermetic connector line specially for the Offshore & Marine market.

Our products

Products for offshore & marine applications

Cable Connector

Cable Connector

 Jaeger connecteurs offers a complete Marine serie line including hermatical sealed solutions. 

RF Antenna

Horn Antenna

Broadband Gain Horn Antenna Operating From 1 GHz to 18 GHz With a Nominal 11 dB Gain With N Female Input Connector

Coupler Connector

Coupler Connector

Coupler connector Marine series Jaeger connectors, stainless steel, gold-plated brass contacts, neoprene insert

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