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Hundreds types of RF Antennas in stock

Pasternack carries hundreds of antennas and accessories including directional antennas, omni directional antennas and various antenna mounts such as magnetic and non-magnetic NMO mounts. Pasternack is your one source for all of your RF and microwave antenna needs.

Pasternack has divided their RF antenna lines in two categories: directional antennas and omni-directional antennas. Directional antennas include in-ceiling dome RF antennas, Yagi antennas, passive GPS and active GPS antennas, fixed and panel antennas. Pasternack's directional RF antennas offer low, medium and high gain options with corresponding variations in beam width, from broad beam / low gain, to narrow beam / high gain antennas. The omni directional antennas include medium gain fixed antennas, mobile antennas, low gain portable and rubber duck antennas. Our omni-directional antennas are ultra-violet (UV) resistant and built with rugged construction suitable for harsh environment applications including base stations.

Antenna Features & Benefits from Pasternack

- Rugged fiberglass designs
- All weather construction
- Industrial Grade designs
- Heavy-duty mounting brackets
- Adjustable mounting bracket designs
- UV-resistant materials

- Superior performance
- Integral connectors
- MIMO technology
- Multi-band frequencies
- Dual polarity
- Low PIM designs

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