Industrial applications

For the industrial industry we offer the most complete precision electronic  interconnect components and hardware suitable for various applications. The extensive product range which we offer from Keystone is known to the industry worldwide for its quality and innovative solutions.

Many options, one solution: Rimarck total supplier for Industrial companies

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Electro-magnets and Solenoids are used in many industrial applications; safety engineering, building technology, automation & assembly technology, mailroom & sorting technology, measuring, medical, etc. etc. The applications for electro-magnets & solenoids are “endless”. Together with RED Magnetics we offer consulting, service and manufacturing under one roof.

Industrial applications often require resistors with characteristics as very low and controlled temperature and voltage coefficients, high stability, high-temperature operations and very tight tolerances. We can support you with those requirements by our EBG product line who develops highly reliable products and meet applicable environmental requirements according to European and US military specifications.

Our products

Products for industrial applications

Interconnect Solutions

Interconnect solutions

Extensive product range for interconnect components and hardware from Keystone, known to the industry worldwide for its quality and innovative solutions.



Consulting, service and manufacturing under one roof togehter with RED Magnetics.  Custom solenoids can be developed in the shortest time possible.

ESD Test equipment

ESD Test equipment

ESD Gun to perform ESD tests according to ESD IEC standards. Handheld, interchangeable discharge modules, light weight, and much more.. 


RF equipment

RF Equipment

Recently added our RF Measurement product line; signal generators, signal / spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, noise figure analyzers, etc.

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