Electromagnetics & Solenoids

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RED Magnetics is a brand name of Intertec and offers a broad standard product line which consists of linear solenoids, permanent electromagnets and magnetic valves. Linear Solenoids or lifting solenoids are electromechanical magnets which generate (pull/push) a plunger in a straight line. Electromagnets or pot magnets are electromagnets in a pot-form casing. Permanent electromagnets or lifting magnets, shut off electrically are pure electric magnets without any mechanical force transmission.


Design your own solenoid in just 4 steps!

Based on their extensive standard solenoid program, RED Magnetics can develop individual products in the shortest time possible. For a unique and customised product we invite you to fill out the application form – which can also be used as a checklist for your engineering department – and we will review your request on feasibility.

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