Frankonia Anechoic chamber solutions for all industries

Unique nano-thin film performance absorber technology (Frankosorb®)

  • Modular and pre-fabricated industrial design standards
  • Flexible systems completely dismountable using just screwing methods
  • Stable quality and technology through in-house manufacturing and engineering
  • Broad range of high-class standardized products


protected conversation roomFor Cyber Security tests Frankonia offers shielded rooms with the highest shielding attenuation EN 50147-1.


Protect vital company information against bugging and eavesdropping with Frankonia’s protected conversation & meeting room. This chamber can be set up in every room and with a 53dB acoustic insulation your communication is secured!


A complete overview of Frankonia’s Anechoic Chamber solutions can be found under the download tab. For questions contact RIMARCK, Frankonia’s official Benelux distributor.


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