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Frequency Sources

In modern RF & Microwave communication systems, signal integrity is of prime importance. To meet system requirements, amplifiers, mixers and modulators must have low noise figure and low distortion products. A frequency synthesizer is a device capable of generating sets of signals of given output frequencies with very high accuracy and precision from a single reference frequency. The signal generated at the output is commonly known as the local oscillator (LO) signal. Phase-Locked (PLL) synthesizers are the most commonly used type of synthesizers.

Over the years, Pasternack has been expanding their family of Frequency Sources;

Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesizers:
- Offer a wideband microwave frequency source solution
- Flexible frequency reference options
- Low Phase Noise Performance
- Adjustable output power step size
- Software controlled with GUI command control

Phase Locked Oscillators:
- Offer fixed RF & Microwave frequency source solution
- Low Phase Noise performance
- External references

Reference Oscillators:
- Offer fixed RF Reference frequency 10, 50, 100 MHz
- Very low phase noise
- Internal and external reference options

Voltage Controlled Oscillators:
- Narrow RF & Microwave band Frequency Source
- Low Phase Noise Performance
- Voltage controlled – Tunable

Waveguide Gunn Oscillators:
- Center frequencies at 24.125 & 35 GHz
- Low Phase Noise performance
- Voltage controlled – Tunable

voltage controlled oscillator vco

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