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Bias Tees are passive coaxial components primarily used in applications where you need to inject DC currents or voltages into RF circuits. Bias tees are designed to inject DC current into an RF circuit without affecting the RF signal through the main transmission path. Pasternack offers a line of bias tees who are used for applications where DC power is needed to power amplifiers on antennas or other RF circuits. The “tee” in the name is derived from the shape of the 3 ports which is typically in the shape of a T.

DC Blocks are passive coaxial components that prevent (block) the flow of direct current (DC) frequencies to RF signals. DC blocks from Pasternack are available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm designs and can be purchased in inner-only, outer-only and inner/outer styles at varying frequency ranges.

400 mhz to 10 ghz sma bias tee

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