Modular generators for Immunity Testing

Multifunctional Generators designed for IEC Testing

EMC Partner has developed a brand new IMU series; the IMU-MGS and IMU-MGE.

Both are modular designed Immunity Test Generators so they can be expanded during time budget wise or demands from the customers. Both Immunity Testers come with a built in setup library for all basic and generic standards. An unique feature is that different test types can be linked together in one sequence. The IMU-MGS and IMU-MGE are equipped with a 7” colour touch panel and rotary knob for navigation & data entry.



IMU-MGS:                                                            IMU-MGE:

Standard IEC capabilities                                   Extended IEC capabilities

Modules:                                                            Modules:

Surge / CWG 4kV / 5kV                                       Surge / CWG 5kV / 6kV / 8kV

EFT 4 kV / 5kV                                                      Ring Wave 6kV / 8kV

Common Mode 35V / 330V                               Telecom 6kV / 8kV

AC & DC Interrupts 16A / 32A / 75A                 EFT 5kV / 6kV / 7kV / 8kV

AC Dips & Variation 16A                                    Common Mode 35V 330V

Differential Mode voltage / current                  AC & DC Interrupts 16A / 32A / 75A

ESD 16kV                                                             AC Dips & Variation 16A

                                                                             Differential Mode voltage / current

                                                                             ESD 16kV


Test Generators from EMC Partner are developed according to the latest technology’s & innovations. Besides a wide range of accessories EMC Partner also developed a unique CDN-line which offers the highest test levels combined with the highest EUT voltages available in the market.


EMC Partner products are used in many leading (test) laboraties in the Netherlands and Belgium, check our reference list here. But you can also watch the Immunity Test Generator from EMC Partner on RIMARCK's YouTube channel !






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