2020: EMC Partner launched her new INS-series for Impulse Insulation Testing from 500 V to 30 kV. Optimal models corresponding to normative test levels up to 7.5 kV, 15 kV, 22.5 kV or 30 kV. The 7.5 kV model can be subsequently upgraded to 15 kV and the 22.5 kV model can be upgraded to 30 kV. Output impedance can be selected in the range 40 Ω - 4 kΩ (default 40 Ω).


Outstanding precision: The tolerance of impulse voltage is just ± 3 % while measurement circuits offer a ± 2 % tolerance. This level of performance allows the implementation of voltage and current integrals (available with OPT-INS-MEAS).


Latest generation of accessories: The 30 kV-proof test cabinet can be (optionally) placed up to 2 m away from the main generator and includes a reliable safety interlock circuit. The optional LED warning lamp complies to IEC 61140, VDE 0140-1. The 1 Gbps Ethernet port of the INS generator can be connected to a computer via an optional 10 m optical fiber.


Features: Extremely fast 1 pulse per 8 sec. @ 30 kV › Functional test bench integration › Impulse guaranteed with 2 m cables › Programmable breakdown detection › Custom output impedance 40 Ω - 4 kΩ › Function upgrades protect investment


Benefits: › High precision output voltage and high measurement accuracy › New fully integrated accessories › Ready for PLC integration


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