Pasternack's new line of low PIM, low loss jumper cables feature a max PIM level of -160 dBc depending on the connector of choice. These new low PIM, los loss assemblies are built using Pasternack's own 1/4 inch Superflex Coax as well as popular coax cable options. These new assemblies are designed for use in indoor and outdoor low PIM applications including multi-carrier wireless communication systems. Features include;


- Over 400 unique configurations

- 10 popular cable types

- 8 connector series / 90+ connectors

- Straight and right-angle connector bodies

- 1000's of standard cables in stock

- 100% PIM tested and marked on each assemblies


Pasternack's Low PIM cables are built in custom lengths and connector combinations with same day shipping. Use Pasternack's cable creator tool on their website or contact RIMARCK, your Benelux specialist for Pasternack products, to create the cable of choice.