New High-Powr PIN Diode Coaxial Packed Switches
Utilize GaN Semiconductor Technology


This new RF Reflective PIN diode switch from Pasternack uses SMA connectors at 50 Ohm. The PE71S1100 has a minimum frequency of DC and a maximum frequency of 6 GHz and has a rated switching speed of 100 ns and a maximum input power of 40 Watts (+46 dBm) These GaN switches benefit from excellent thermal properties, power to volume ratio and a higher break down voltage. This results in state-of-the-art power handling capability in small compact packages. Features include;

  • High RF input handling up to 100 watts CW
  • Reflective SPDT and SP4T PIN diode switch designs operate over broad frequency bands ranging from DC to 18 GHz
  • GaN designs run more efficiently than other technologies
  • Fast switching speed performance < 50 nsec typical
  • Models available as standalone coaxial modules and with integrated head sinks
  • EAR99 compliant



Pasternack's new High-Power PIN diode Switch is part of more than 40.000 RF, microwave and milimeter wave components that are in stock! Contact RIMARCK, your Benelux specialist for Pasternack products