The i-clamp is an ideal product if you want to minimize time and labor of connecting wires. Without having to strip or prepare the wires, the installation time is dramatically reduced while connection security is enhanced.

The i-Clamps easily pierce the wire insulation to make a tamper proof and reliable connection without the need to cut, strip or otherwise secure the wires.

Keystone’s family of i-clamps contains 3 lines;

T-series - for branching a wire

Use T-Series connectors when you want to branch off of a common wire run. Ideal for wiring several fixtures in parallel such as lighting. The connector hinges open to allow the wire run to be ran thru the connector without cutting or stripping the insulation.
• Quick and easy connections are made in seconds.
• No tape or wire nuts required.

Follow this link to visit Keystone’s i-clamp product page


Two Way series - for adding fixtures or components

Use Two Way Series connectors have a unique dual channel which allows pre-assembly onto a component or fixture. Once installed, the wiring can be completed by simply attaching the wire to the existing wiring.

• Unique dual channel feature

• Pre-assembly of the connector onto the component

Follow this link to visit Keystone’s i-clamp product page


One Way series - for splicing lines

Use One way series for connecting several lines together. Eliminates twisting wires together and adding correct wire nut and electrical tape. Connection can be inspected because connector is made from translucent polycarbonate.

• Eliminates twisted wires

• Visual inspection possible

Follow this link to visit Keystone’s i-clamp product page



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